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How to effectively manage human resources has become the key challenge for any leader, not only in terms of his ability to compete, but to survive.
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Field Operations Management is a proven and powerful management development programme to add value to your manager's outlook and skills
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One-Stop solution for Human Capital Development
Trained over 950 Senior Management team
Trained over 36840 workman
Trained over 2465 supervisors
Trainer over 1480 Middle Managers
Consultants and Trainers with experience ranging from 5 years to 25 years
Training in 6 Indian Languages
The Customization process – Immersive Experiential Training - Role-plays, Case-studies, Simulations, Group Discussions, and Instruments
Workshop Designed Around Deliverables
Internal Champions and commitment to the Implementation process
Experience in global markets
Best In-Class Content & Customization specific to client needs
Rigorous Assessment ,Measurement & Implementation
Uncompromising Commitment to Implementation Process & Transformation
Strong Team of Professionals with deep vertical knowledge and experience
Only company toprovide 3 Months Training Implementation Support
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